The 2023 "Game-Changer Ultimate Pink Gala"
was Incredible and Iconic...

But Wait There Is More For You In 2024...


Empower Your Faith, Ignite Your Business, and Expand Your Vision with our
Game-Changer Transformational Coaching Program.

Elevate to God-Made Millionaire Status with our exclusive customized one-to-one "Business Mentorship" for high-performing influential women of faith....

We offer Three Trailblazing Transformational Tiers designed to SHIFT the very Trajectory of your Life...

TIER 1 {Emerge} - Eight (8) breakthrough life-shifting weeks of Transformational Group Coaching shifting mindsets and breaking cycles, unlocking your confidence and unleashing your brilliance to NEW LEVELS.

TIER 2 {Expand} - Four (4) incredible months of customized authentic group coaching, support building your "brand" and packaging your signature system, and group training and strategy sessions to monetize your message for faith-driven Leaders and Business Owners, who aspire for so much MORE in 2024.

TIER 3 {Elevate} - Six (6) exclusive months of 1:1 individualized Business Mentorship, prophetic guidance, and wisdom to support Ultimate Game-Changers and Trailblazers in leveraging, scaling, and creating Kingdom and generational wealth, and thriving ministries and multi-million-dollar marketplace businesses.


First Group Coaching Session

Monday, January 29, 2024

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm EST

All Game-Changer Coaching & Business Mentoring Programs start JANUARY 2024

TIER 1: Lifestyle

Game-Changers …
Ready to Shine in Their Inner Brilliance!

{Tier 1} Focus on Purpose & Lifestyle....launching on 1/29/24

Clarify and get “diamond-clear” about your God-given exceptional identity and purpose.

Your inner CEO is ready to break through, align with your "core values" emerge with purpose-driven confidence; change the game, shine in the brilliance of your personal story, and win the inner game of business and/or marketplace ministry.

  • Eight (8-week) virtual Game-Changer Life-Shifting Group Coaching Program
  • Eight (8) powerful life-changing Training Modules (foundational pillars) will empower you to break out of the old, grow forward, and catapult you to your NEXT and change your life and sooo much more!!
  • Module 1: Pivot for Clarity & Confidence
  • Module 2: Master Your Mindset & Money Blueprint
  • Module 3: Get Organized & Map It Out
  • Module 4: Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Module 5: Structures & Systems for Success
  • Module 6: Identify your Niche and Best-Fit Client
  • Module 7: Develop a Game Plan to Increase Your Visibility & Income
  • Module 8: Accountability & NEXT Move Forward
  • Receive a FREE signed copy of the book "Game-Changer: Why Not You?"
  • Pre-Game Work & Group Coaching Session in December 2023
  • PLUS:  Complimentary 2024 VIP Game-Changer "Pink & Black & White " Gala Ticket
  • INVESTMENT: $2997 (full value)

Ultimate Pink Gala Limited-Time Special Offer

Fast Action Pay in Full $1,500.00

7 Eazy pays of $250

TIER 2: Leadership

{Mentoring Queens}

Launching on February 22, 2024


Faith-driven Game-Changers ready to expand in the Marketplace optimizing their leadership, operations, messaging, marketing, sales, and brand to gain a competitive edge, grow their business with multiple streams, and create spiritual and financial abundance.

{Tier 2} Mentorship focused on Leadership Development & Personal Branding

Positioning them for GREATER Increase, Impact, Influence and Enlarged Territories

The God-made Millionaire, Marketplace Minister, Faith-Leader and Kingdom CEO inside of you is graced, committed, and poised to build your Brand, position your Brand, pitch your Brand for Kingdom Prosperity, and accelerate your brand to a national level for the next dimension.

Challenge yourself to enlarge your capacity, expand your reach, and profit from your passion.

Dive deeper into the mindset of influence, building a brand including strategies and systems needed to position your brand for GREATER marketplace opportunities and national exposure.

  • Four months (16-week) virtual bi-monthly 90-minute Leadership/Brand Group Coaching Program to hone your leadership skills, create your "signature offering," develop your brand identity, and craft your brand messaging, content, visuals, and marketing plan.
  • Monthly private, one-to-one, 60-minute planning sessions to map out your strategic expansion and monetization plan.
  • Two in-depth virtual Brand Development and Business Training.
  • Monthly Open Q/A Call.
  • Complimentary access to the monthly LIVE Ultimate Wealth-Building Planning and Networking Round Table.


  • Personal Brand Makeover session including 1 photo session, stylist, and makeup artistry.
  • Pre-Branding 60 minutes 1:1 Strategy Session
  • FREE signed copy of the Ultimate Book Bundle.
  • Immediate access to the monthly Ultimate Network Vision Planning Roundtable.
  • Investment: $10,000 (full value)

New Year Limited-Time Offer:

Fast Action Pay in Full $2,500.00

7 Eazy pays of $500 (bonuses not included)

TIER 3: Legacy


The Ultimate Game-Changer who is ready to make power shifts, ascend, lead and execute as a Kingdom CEO and God-made Millionaire without compromising their freedom, family or faith while creating a multimillion-dollar legacy, generational blessings, and kingdom inheritance.

{Tier 3} Focus on your Leadership Legacy, Scaling and Creating Generational Financial Wealth Legacy

An exclusive 1:1 marketplace Business Mentorship customized for the trailblazing wealth-generating CEO Millionaire inside of you. 

You are ready to elevate, leverage, and scale your business/ministry, master your faith in God, and make the move to Multi-Million Dollar Businesses.

With prayer covering, expert advice, and ongoing support, you will be positioned to establish an inheritance of a rich legacy full of wisdom, receipts, blueprints, playbooks, and wealth for generations to come.

"A good person leaves an inheritance 
for their children’s children...."

Proverbs 13:22

  • Six months of strategic bi-monthly One-to-One Business Mentorship and monthly masterminds to create power shifts that will accelerate the trajectory of your life and scale your business to make and move millions.
  • Exclusive Inner Circle provides you bi-monthly 90-minute, one-to-one, coaching and business mentorship.
  • Spiritual guidance and on-going intercessory prayer covering supporting you to be accountable, sustainable and unapologetic about creating a lifestyle and a mulit-million-dollar legacy that you desire and love.
  • Develop a customized business and prosperity roadmap (including templates and checklists) to help keep you on track each quarter to achieve your milestones.
  • Monthly office hours with Apostle Dr. Lougenia J. Rucker.
  • Virtual half-day VIP Days.
  • Review and feedback of marketing collateral and promotional materials as needed.
  • Access to Game-Changer Coaching Suite and monthly LIVE Ultimate Wealth-Building Planning and Round Table.
  • Unlimited private email access and private FB Group access.
  • Monthly open Q/A Calls


  • Personal Brand Makeover session including 1 photo session, stylist assistance, and makeup artistry.
  • Momentum private Half-Day VIP Pre-Strategy Session
  • A special complimentary VIP Diamondnaire Gift Box including exclusive Gifts
  • Complimentary VIP Seating at the 2024 "Game-Changer" Gala in Philadelphia, PA
  • FREE signed copy of the Ultimate Book Bundle.
  • Immediate access to the Ultimate Network Vision Round Table
  • Investment: $20,000 (full value)

Pink Gala Special
50% Savings for a limited time $10,000

8 monthly payments of $1,500 per month

Deposit $1,000 (Non-refundable)

Pink Gala Special Tier 3:
with 50% Savings ($10,000)

If You Are Ready To
Break-through and experience "real change" from within

and live your dreams and unlimited potential, then you are ready to make an Investment in Yourself.

It's your season to achieve massive winning results from taking intentional purpose-driven action with the guidance, support, and accountability
of your Transformational Life Coach and Marketplace Business Mentor.

Apostle Dr. Lougenia J. Trailblazer Rucker


Dr. Lougenia J. TrailBlazer Rucker,
World-Class Keynote Speaker, Transformational Mentor, Marketplace Apostle, Spiritual Strategist, Book Coach and
3x Amazon Best-Seller Author is honored to serve you and support you to change the game.

Dear faith-driven woman of purpose, I am here for you!
I am sent to the Marketplace as a strategic creative builder. My spiritual calling and mission is to mentor faith-based Leaders and Entrepreneurs who are ready to deep dive into building a thriving and profitable business. This divine path of purpose of creating wealth to make a difference, and creating CHANGE is for those who boldly believe that they have “power to create wealth” (Deut. 8:18), and trust in unlimited possibilities – for Faith is NOW.

Game-Changer Success Story

A True Game-Changer:

Her First MILLION-DOLLAR Business

Evang. Alequa Haywood McFadden

Her Game-Changer Story: From Bus Driver to Kingdom Millionaire

When Alequa Haywood McFadden joined the Game-Changer 8-week Coaching Program in 2020, her current job was working as a bus driver while building her business. She knew she was meant for so much MORE but her personal struggles were real.

She was slow to commit to her own transformation due to a lack of CLARITY and FOCUS on the first step to take, but I assured her that by saying YES to herself and joining the Game-Changer program we’d get her on the right path… and that's what we did!

The Game-Changer Inner Circle was welcoming and comforting to her, even though she was unsure how a Coach and Mentor could help her escape the emotional turmoil she experienced daily.

She disciplined herself to apply the system and strategies. The expert guidance and accountability were exactly what she needed to meet the challenge to RISE-UP and commit to living her BEST LIFE full-out with faith, conviction, character, purpose, and of course, spiritual integrity and alignment.

We SHIFTED her mindset out of fear, dispelling a belief, held by many, that there was no room for God in the Marketplace. Her mind was blown when she realized that every Module is based on spiritual laws and kingdom principles… but her "defining moment" was finding clarity on her "One Right-Fit-Client" …

YES, you can love God and make Millions in the Marketplace...

I honored her vulnerability but recognized her leadership potential. I supported her to create a strong foundation for her to gain stability and confidence in preparation for the flight forward into destiny…

A Kingdom Millionaire CEO Forging the Path for Millionaires in the Making...

FAST FORWARD to 2023 - in less than three years, today Evangelist Alequa owns and operates a Multi-Million-Dollar faith-based Tax Services Business dedicated to leading and supporting others to start their own business and paying out six-figure payrolls while making a difference in their communities.

She is a licensed Evangelist for the Kingdom of God and continues to evolve to further advance the kingdom and raise up Kingdom Millionaires.

Her next game-changing move is to publish her first Book utilizing the Game-Changer book coaching and publishing services.

Just like Evangelist Alequa, we’ll refine your SUCCESS MINDSET and bring you further into spiritual alignment with your greater purpose…

Are you ready?