Women of Faith - it's your set time to evolve to the Next-Level and embrace your full Kingdom potential of your Authority, Leadership, Influence and Impact.


I am looking for spiritual women and ministry leaders who are anointed for business and ready to power-up on purpose in new dimensions during an uncharted time in history.

Kingdom Leadership is INfluence.

Authentic Leaders know they are called to exercise their God-given abilities, authority, impart their brilliance, passionately give birth to something BIG into the world to CREATE CHANGE and Flow into their NEXT.

Does thinking about enlarging your territory, expanding your impact and digital brand or figuring out what to do next make you feel Overwhelmed?

Does the thoughts of crossing over into the next "Big" Dimension of your life make you feel stuck, vulnerable or nervous?

If You Answer Yes to any of these questions, then now is the time to get bold, get diamond clear, power up on purpose to experience the SHIFT with amazing life-changing results and exponential ministry growth through the power of mentorship and masterminds.

"The purpose in a man's heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out." (Proverbs 20:5 ESV)

This trailblazing Mentorship PLUS Mastermind is designed to support you to expand your reach, grow your influence, impact and income.


2022 - Reset and Reposition for the Divine Release.

A Transformation, Manifestation & "Transfer of Wealth" Season for Kingdom Trailblazers

A NEW Era, Decade, Revelations and a New Norm.

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Leadership Mentorship for greater relationships, resources, opportunities, impact, influence, growth and expansion.

Meet Apostle Dr. Lougenia J. TrailBlazer Rucker
International Faith-Based Life & Business Coach, Kingdom Mentor, Brand Strategist & Best Seller Author

Trailblazing paths of transformation, Dr. Lougenia J. TrailBlazer Rucker is an authentic relentless Kingdom Trailblazer who knows what it takes to come through the eye of an overwhelming storm only to rise again in more faith and greater wisdom.

It is with this unstoppable faith and passion by which she serves and empowers women to get unstuck and unlock their full brilliant potential through deep dive coaching, mentorship, master classes masterminds and virtual training.

She supports her clients to get diamond clear about their assignment, and create brand strategies that generate greater visibility, enlarged & expanded territories, multiple streams of income and generational blessings.

As a Marketplace Apostle, multi-purpose pioneering entrepreneur and author of best-selling books, she helps leaders to create and accelerate business/ministry and business growth through digital marketing, as well as leveraging connections, and creating strategies to establish spiritual and marketplace transformations.

I have faith in myself and I have faith in you. Really that's all that we need because we know that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, Apostle Lougenia shares with her Mentees.  

Lets Grow Together and Blaze Trails...


What Is Your Current Reality?

I know what it feels like to be stuck with no support. So out of my own passionate pursuit, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, I seized the divine moment to rise up and catapult out of my current level to "New Dimensions" and I want to help you do the same.

I took radical faith and confidently moved forward to do what it took to not only change the game but to scale and expand new territories for my good and His glory. Here's what I know....

Prophetic Mentorship Matters!

The DIVINE Path of Purpose is not a straight line. The valley of decisions runs deep along with many complexities and uncertainties of life. But Kingdom Trailblazers are created to rise above the challenges and turn them into new opportunities creating a new blessed and exciting reality.

Take it from me....who was thrust into the eye of a raging storm, lost EVERYTHING suffered major and devastating setbacks full of deep enormous pain...but Came Back stronger, blazed a new trail and never looked back.

By the grace of God, I redefined my life and mission with new meaning and wholeness - with nothing missing and nothing lacking.

I tell you, God has a Next-Level Plan for your Life.

Through the life-shifting transformational power of mentoring and coaching, not only will you survive the storms but you shall THRIVE!!

RESET: Are you ready to reposition yourself in 2022 so that you are positioned for the supernatural Release?

  • Are you called to share your message or story and to shine the brilliance of your light so that others can find their way? But yet you are seeking support, guidance, mentoring and coaching to help make it happen? 
  • Would you like to be part of a motivational "Mastermind" environment that can help you to grow, expand and thrive generating creative streams of income and blessings on your next-level projects, programs, and/or digital platforms? 
  • Would you benefit from accountability to help you stay laser focused and empowered to stay the course as you slay distractions, overcome obstacles and achieve BIG purpose-driven results?  

90-Day One-on-One Virtual Mentorship & Business Mastermind


Increase your Visibility | Share your Story | Enlarge your Territory | Expand your Kingdom Brand and Impact

I have worked with many who feel called to make a difference, create something new and exciting; but at the same time feel uncertain, uncomfortable or unclear what to do next. I truly understand the pain of that struggle. Trust me when I tell you that I have been there. But here is the amazing part, I turned my pain into passion which unlocked my purpose and leveraged it to create profits, financial freedom and a greater scope of services and products.

You Can Do The Same Thing


Let's collaborate, clarify and create trailblazing transformations of a "NEW YOU" in a New Norm.

"If I can create the minimum of my plans and desires, there shall be no regrets"

by brave Bessie Coleman, the First African-American Aviator (1892 - 1926)

2019 All White Diamond Ball- "Game Changers"


What People are Saying . . .

You're truly exceptional and one in a million. An encourager and influencer. I'm proud to say you're my Coach & Mentor.

~Minister Harriet - Diamond Heart Kingdom Mentee

I had a powerful mentoring session with Dr. Rucker and she is truly an anointed woman of God. She will bring out the best in you. The anointing on her life is real, you can feel it so don't back down from a real woman of God. She is my 2020 Trailblazer Mentor and my 2018 Game-Changer Coach.

~Natisha - Diamond Heart Kingdom Mentee

"An Anointed Mentor"

Dr. Lougenia Rucker, I have always wanted a Mentor whose heart is close knit with God's and will not hold back because of the love of God within her which she pours into me. So grateful.

~Pastor Valerius - Diamond Heart Kingdom Mentee


 At the heart of the matter, I strongly believe that it is possible for you to create as much success, fulfillment, joy and love as you feel worthy of having with the support of a prophetic mentor guiding you to your next-dimension of your vision. 

As your Spiritual "Brand" Strategist, I will partner with you to create a plan of action to implement your God-given vision on the Next-Dimension.  

In this Diamond Heart Prophetic Mentorship, you will receive:  

  • Kingdom Mentorship - weekly 1-on-1 (30 minutes) trusted transformational apostolic-prophetic mentorship for 90 days which will help you to increase your confidence, to expand your "kingdom trailblazer mentality," enhance your digital presence and fast-forward you into your destiny-driven history-making NEXT. $6,000+ value
  • Leadership Mastermind - monthly apostolic-prophetic mastermind sessions activating you to move into the full potential of your life's dreams, goals and creating meaningful impact with your calling, anointing, passion, knowledge and experiences. $5,000+ value
  • Unlimited Strategic Email Support - review and analysis of marketing collateral, provide answers and clarification of strategies and systems resulting in greater influence, impact and the manifestation of your big dreams, new business and/or ministry, book or launch. Priceless
  • Authentic Accountability - maximizing your digital brand and "game-changer" opportunities on the next-level. Elevating and expanding your business/ministry and increasing your visibility. Priceless
  • "Shine Like A Diamond" - as a Special Guest on the new "Kingdom Trailblazer RISE" Podcast. $997+ Value
  • Membership - in the private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get answers. Strategic direction & support. $997+ value
  • Special Recognition - as a Guest of Honor at the 2022 Pink Royal Celebration in Philadelphia, PA. Priceless



1-on-1 Mentoring



Inner Circle Sessions


Special Guest


Private Community


Answerability for


Email Support



2022 Pink Celebration

Phila, PA

2019 White Diamond Ball "Game-Changers"

The Most Frequently Asked Question:

"What is the "Diamond Heart Prophetic Mentorship?"

(DHPM) Diamond Heart Prophetic Mentorship is your one-on-one weekly personal mentorship with your dedicated faith-based Kingdom Mentor, Dr. Lougenia J. Rucker. This is a 90-Day Trailblazing Mentoring Experience providing life-changing "heart-to-heart" mentoring, laser coaching, masterminds, and caring support for Faith Leaders, Coaches, Business Owners, Game-Changers, Innovators and Trailblazers to manifest their next-level BIG visions with increased visibility, expanded territories, greater impact and multiple streams of income.

2020 - 2021 "Game-Changers"

2019 White Diamond Ball - "Game Changers"


Game-Changer Leadership Tier II 

Included in this Prophetic Mentorship:

Weekly Prophetic Mentorship: unparalleled 30 minutes of weekly one-on-one mentoring, via Zoom, to support you to embrace the full potential of your kingdom leadership capacity.

  • "Shine Like A Diamond" increased visibility as Guest on the new "Kingdom Trailblazer" Podcast.
  • Private Members-Only Facebook group for additional learning, support and community. PLUS invited member of the Divine Diamonds Ministries Private Group.
  • Prophetic Business Mastermind to brainstorm, share, support, network and push forward other like-minded Kingdom Trailblazers and business influencers.
  • Unlimited Email Support.
  • Authentic Accountability.
  • Special Recognition at the 2022 Royal Pink Celebration in Philadelphia, PA.

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Mentorship has begun, enroll today.

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