Lougenia TrailBlazer Rucker is a Spiritual Life Coach, Transformation Speaker, Author and the Founder|CEO of Divine Diamonds Ministries – a virtual community of inspiration, exhortation and empowerment of women to live and thrive on purpose. As a victorious over comer, she is passionately committed to equipping women to activate their gifts, callings, grow forward and prosper in all things. She is a published author of several books including "This Is Your Set Time: 21 Days of Prophetic Devotions" which can be purchased on amazon.com

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Discover the 9 Motivational Spiritual Gifts I Corinthians 12  

Learn and understand the overall purpose, functions and benefits of Spiritual Gifts.

Identify and embrace your specific spiritual gifts and the part you play in the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God.

Develop, grow forward and master your spiritual gifts.

Produce fruit and accelerate forward by faith NOW